Pope Francis has designated September as CREATION TIME, when we all as Church can fruitfully reflect on the gift of God’s creation. Lord, we love this creation—how can we protect it ? Some suggestions:

1 If everybody in the UK switched off their telly at night instead of leaving it on stand-by, we could save £50m a year in energy costs. Then there’s the Video, the DVD player, Alexa, mobile phones on charge, the HI-Fi !!! (Fr Charles— something I need to do myself !!)

2 Bottled water costs twice as much as petrol, three times as much as milk—and ten thousand times as much as tap water ! Then there’s the 1.5 million tons of plastic that goes into making the bottles each year.

Whatever some drinks companies would have you believe, tap water is perfectly safe to drink – and you’ve already paid for it. (Fr Charles—I’ve been drinking it all my life – mind you maybe that explains a lot !!)