This Creation Time period (September) allocated by Pope Francis is a chance to plan for One World Week, rapidly becoming a focal point for huge numbers of Agencies (incl CAFOD) around the world and a sign of hope.

“We are the first generation to know that we’re undermining the ability of the Earth system to support human development… we now need to navigate a transformation to a globally sustainable future.” (Johan Rockström, 2014, Head of the international Stockholm Resilience Centre)

We will shape the Sunday Mass liturgy accordingly. However, if any parishioner has ideas or energy to organise an event please let us know. You could invite others to help through this newsletter or, if you think of a wider –ranging event, you could ask 4thecommunity for advice and help; an inspiring talk, quiz, fair trade fete, walk, poetry reading, debate, vigil, film, global/local meal, act of worship, school assembly or project, inter–cultural activity, arts performance –share perspectives – have fun – whatever – it’s up to you.

We are now aware of how human activity is destabilising Earth’s natural systems: from extreme weather to pollution to species extinction. We need to join the huge numbers through the world working for change from grassroots.