Can you help me give hope to 10,000 child refugees? Today I’ve launched a petition to Theresa May to ask her to take in 10,000 child refugees in today’s crisis over 10 years.

In 1939, as a six-year-old boy, my mother put me on the Kindertransport to escape Nazi occupied Prague. I was one of 10,000 mainly Jewish child refugees from across Europe. This was a heroic humanitarian effort by the British people. Three years ago today Alan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Kurdish refugee, drowned in the Mediterranean because there was no safe route for him to reach the safety of Europe. Children fleeing war and persecution should not have to risk their lives trying to get to safety, but they still do. The Mediterranean remains one of the most deadly migrant routes in the world.

In Britain we’re good at celebrating the heroes of our past, but often less good at recognising when those same heroes would have spoken up today.