Update 19.2.2019 – The date of the Malta Retreat has now been released and all information can be found on the link to the poster here https://bit.ly/2Inbqxi


The Catholic Spiritually Network (CSN) have organised their annual retreat tour in Malta next May, led by Magdalen Lawler and Tom McGuinness. It comes highly recommended by many members who have been to Malta before.

The date has not been agreed as yet.  We have a link to their website as follows:  http://csn.retreats.org.uk/index.php where you may find the date, following this years conference between March 15th to March 17th 2019.

Conference poster can be viewed at the following link: http://csn.retreats.org.uk/documents/conference/2019/CSN_2019_Conference_Poster.pdf