Some of you may have known Fr Owen Hardwicke, a remarkable priest of our diocese, who died, sadly, on 7th January last, at, I think, the age of 93.  After 15 years as bishop’s secretary and
parish priest, he spent nearly 20 years in secular employment in youth and probation work before returning to parish work. He also founded the peace and Justice Centre in Wrexham. Owen had many criticisms to make of the Church today, but while so many of his contemporaries left the priesthood, he remained firmly loyal. In one of Owen’s books he quotes Karl Rahner: “Christianity is not the religion which solves all the riddles of the universe, but that which give us courage in the grace of God to shelter ourselves in an incomprehensible mystery, and to believe that this mystery is love.”

Owen has been internationally respected for his peace work, mainly with International Pax Christi to which he was secretary for many years. Fr Owen was asked by the Soviet government to witness their destruction of SS 20 nuclear missiles as part of a disarmament campaign in the 1980’s.

The arrangements for Owen’s Funeral are as follows: ,
Wednesday 23rd January 6.00pm Church of S. Francis of Assisi, Llay. Reception of Fr. Owen’s body followed by an ecumenical Vigil of Prayer, Readings and Music
Thursday 24th January 11.00am Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Sorrows Funeral Mass followed by Committal at 1.30 pm Pentre Bychan Crematorium, Wrexham

Recommended reading: Beyond Conformity Published by Columba Press. ISBN 1 85607 308 4, in which he charts his pastoral and emotional life journey.