A temporary parish team is working alongside the finance team and parish buildings subgroup to oversee the buildings programme and look at parish development. After Mass today we invite all young people for a chat about the parish and its future. There are some big changes happening with buildings and with the kinds of outreach work we do in partnership with 4thecommunity. If you cant make the meeting please let us know by text (07503905414) or email etc, your views, ideas, criticisms, questions..

What sort of issues should Christians be addressing in today’s world ?
Climate change ?
Homelessness ?
Refugees ?
Poverty ?
Youth issues  ?
Evangelisation ?

What sort of youth groups, youth provision in a parish, would help you grow spiritually or help you connect with other young people ?

How would you like to be involved in your parish ? In leading prayer, volunteering, parish governance, addressing poverty, Cafod ………your ideas..

What do you think our parish would be like if God was in charge ?