CAFOD momentum is slowly starting to build, so if you have anybody in your parish who is keen to hear more, please do put them in touch! Remember once there are more CAFOD volunteers active in the area, the less I will need to liaise with Parish Priests!! In the meantime, we are on the countdown to Lent Family Fast Day which falls on Friday 23rd February 2018. This Lent we are inviting supporters to express their love and compassion for our global family through prayer, fasting and giving. We have been awarded match funding for our appeal. This means donations made between 13 February (Shrove Tuesday) and 12 May will be matched by the UK Government, up to a total value of £5m. Funds raised during this period will need to be sent to CAFOD by 1 July 2018. So I would really like to encourage Family Fast Day support and activity if possible! Please do let me know about it! It’s a great opportunity for me to write local press release/social media stories and also, to get to know your parishioners! I am so incredibly grateful for your kind support to me in this role. I’m sure you can appreciate, it’s a challenging thing to do across such a widespread area!