The Catholic Church in England and Wales is striving towards a culture of safeguarding where all are safe from harm and abuse and where every person is encouraged and enabled to enjoy the fullness of life in Jesus Christ through the prayerful, caring, nurturing, supportive and protective endeavours of the Catholic community, both individually and collectively

Living a Culture of Safeguarding: This commitment calls the whole Church to live the values and principles, which are already implicit in the nature of the Church and its mission, as the authentic witness to the message of the gospels. Whilst all members of the Church have a role to play in promoting a culture of safeguarding, clear leadership is crucial. Bishops and Congregation Leaders need to be vigilant in exercising their ministry of leadership, ensuring that a culture of safeguarding is both understood and embraced by the whole Church. In order to recreate a safe and nurturing environment and deepen (or where necessary rebuild) trust there needs to be a culture of: ‘

  • Openness & Transparency ‘
  • Love & Respect ‘
  • Responsibility & Accountability ‘
  • Compassion & Support ‘
  • Justice & Integrity ‘
  • Honesty & Humility ‘
  • Questioning & Challenging ‘
  • Learning & Changing

from the National CSAS website.