When Fr Ghassan SJ was with us, the St Vincent De Paul group organised a collection to help with the troubles in Syria and we raised £207. A cheque was sent to Fr Ghassan but we have learned that the cheque hasn’t been cashed and is out of date. The SVP have also discovered that there is no obvious way to send the money through Fr Ghassan SJ , to channel it to Syria. This means we must either return the £207 to each of you who donated it or find another way to route the money to Syrian relief. Fr Charles and the SVP are suggesting that we send the money to Aid to the Church in Need, who are currently raising funds to help Syrian Christians. This would, we believe, respect the original intentions of those who donated the money. Nonetheless if anyone has any objection to this way forward, and/or an alternative suggestion, we would be very glad to hear from you