7th Sunday of Easter
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

24th May 2020
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Second Reading

 Due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) Masses and Church Services are discontinued until further notice as agreed by the Bishops of England and Wales

Here is the latest news from Fr Charles about Church and our Community

Pleaee visit the News Section for a report from Brittany Roberts and her experiences volunteering in Nepal

The recent beautiful pink moon was photographed by Fr Charles at 3am in the morning (dont ask!!)

This happens when the moon comes to the nearest point from Earth in its orbit. This creates a supermoon,” a full moon that appears slightly larger than average. The moon, yet another way God speaks to us.

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The Catholic church and this parish of St Mary’s
hasn’t closed (only the building) We maintain our communion through prayer and through many ways of connecting with each other while keeping people (especially the Care Staff, NHS and others) safe. 

Please check out this week’s Parish Bulletin for the latest news about Easter Duties and church activities during the current lockdown .

Click here for a link to the Sunday bulletin

Below are some resources to help in continuing worship at home. Firstly an “alternative” Parish Bulletin with a message from Fr Charles.

Prayer Resources for Home

We have found some Live Streamed services including masses. This means that clicking on the link below at the right time will connect you to a website showing a live stream of a mass in progress. Please note that to follow a complete service will use a great deal of data (like streaming live TV) so should only be used on a wifi connection, not using a phone data connection.
Also please note we have no control over content from independent websites

Mass Timetable

Click here to join live streams (subject to timetable)

Finally for the moment, here is a message about facing up to the Virus pandemic from the Tamera Community.

The Website version of the Stations of the cross available here during lent

Any news will be disseminated via this website so please bookmark it for future reference.


All bookings or enquiries for church centre or parish house, please see Martin Hargraves,

coordinator at e-mail 4tcbookings@gmail.com or tel 07881  491751 (details also on the Contacts page)

The very latest news items are listed here. They appear in date occurence order.  For all news items, visit our NEWS PAGE. To add an item to the News page, please send us a message containing all the relevant details. Please also contact us as soon as possible if any of the details are incorrect, or feel free to leave a comment below the item.

Parish Finances

Ways you can make offertory donations: 1. Create a Banker’s Standing Order. Simply fill in a Banker’s Order form and return it to your bank. (Some banks let you download these forms.) On this form you simply enter: The Banks’ name eg Nat West. Name of Account : eg...

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Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba among other things raise lots of money for good causes. Currently they have looked at the challenges facing Catholic Care Homes across the country and have decided to set-up a “Charity Appeal “campaign for the catholic orders running these...

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While we have extra TIME. (by Fr Charles)

We’re Catholics, we’re not only local, we’re global. We can all connect, even in a small way, with some missionary or justice issues round the world, as with Red boxes or CAFOD. After my 10 day visit to Palestine and Israel 10 years ago, a great way for me to stay...

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Parishioner Chris Ruane, obviously “seeking God in all things”, found this excellent website with lots of good News. He has agreed to share it. …….. “I found this excellent news site which covers positive news stories from around the world- a back to work programmes...

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Do remember to pray for staff at Christ the Word Catholic School, also working front-line at the moment, educating vulnerable children and others. They’ve just asked me to judge a baking competition !! Are they mad ? The Head, very kindly, as I’m locked in, says: “We...

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Growing food locally for sharing (update).

We’ve restored our raised vegetable beds in the parish house backyard and also beside the church. All of these have now been planted with potatoes, carrots, broad beans, onions, broccoli and other vegetables. Parishioners (THANKS) have so f far donated seeds,...

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Together Creating Communities (from Fr Charles )

Remember we challenged MP James Davies on the issue of School Hunger ? Pressure resulted when last February Welsh Government rolled out better school breakfast provision and a holiday food scheme for the coming summer, to all Welsh councils. After the pilot scheme,...

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The Global Catholic Climate Change Movement

You’re invited to explore this huge worldwide response to Pope Francis’ document LAUDATO SI. It comes highly recommended. From their website:: 16-23 May: Online trainings and workshops will provide an opportunity for us to pray and reflect together as we prepare to...

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