Sheila Johnson

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Ministry of the Word:

“In proclaiming the Word of God from Sacred Scripture, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ. God speaks to the assembly through them, and the impact of God’s message will depend significantly on their conviction, their preparation, and their delivery.”

Ministers of the Word- Readers List:

We warmly welcome new readers at our Masses. If you would like to read please contact Sheila Johnson whose contact details are on the left.

11th  November  –  32nd Sunday in Ordinary time

1st Reader:                   Anne Sherrington

2nd Reader:                  Dennis Hatfield

Prayers:                        Meg Gabarda 


18th  November  –  33rd Sunday in Ordinary time

1st Reader:                   Bob Johnson

2nd Reader:                  Denis Johnson

Prayers:                        Eve Gizzi


25th  November  –  Christ the King

1st Reader:                   Christine Linaker

2nd Reader:                  Roy Linaker

Prayers:                        Ellie Chard

Ministry of the Word Readers List