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Ministry of the Word:

“In proclaiming the Word of God from Sacred Scripture, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ. God speaks to the assembly through them, and the impact of God’s message will depend significantly on their conviction, their preparation, and their delivery.”


Readers advanced notice:
Eucharistic Ministers and Readers  retreat day at Noddfa
29th June. 
Please keep the date free.


Ministers of the Word- Readers List:

We warmly welcome new readers at our Masses. If you would like to read please contact Sheila Johnson whose contact details are on the left.

Date First Reader Second Reader Prayers
17 February 2019 Claire Dunn Denis Hatfield Anne Sherrington
24 February 2019 Eve Gizzi Bob Johnson Denis Johnson
03 March 2019 Chrystal Carron Ellie Chard Christine Linaker
10 March 2019 Roy Linaker Gerard Milan Martin Beagan
17 March 2019 Margaret Magill Bernard Izzard Cheryl Davies
24 March 2019 Rob Stanway Pauline Stanway Jean Marren
31 March 2019 Sheila Johnson Maria Howes Jean Taggart
07 April 2019 Claire Dunn Dennis Hatfield Anne Sherrington
14th April 2019 If you would like to be involved in the Easter readings
please let me know as soon as possible
Many thanks,   Sheila.
21st April 2019      
28 April 2019 Meg Gabarda Eve Gizzi Bob Johnson
05 May 2019      
12 May 2019      
19 May 2019      
26 May 2019      
02 June 2019      
09 June 2019      
16 June 2019      
23 June 2019      

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Ministry of the Word Readers List