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We want your images!

Our Parish is a community Рwe can all share our visual record by contributing to the Gallery with photos or drawings. E-mail us your photos or scanned drawings. They should each have an informative caption, year it was taken, if possible, and the name of the contributor. We invite children in the parish to send us their scanned pictures as well. Please include the name and age of the contributor.

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Church Building

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UCM Trip to Tweedmill

The UCM visited Tweedmill for afternoon tea on August 11th. We were joined by other ladies from the Parish, 28 of us in all, and thoroughly enjoyed a delicious tea, a spot of shopping and a good old natter. Many thanks to Pauline for organizing this delightful event.

UCM Tweedmill_4 UCM Tweedmill_2 UCM Tweedmill_3 UCM Tweedmill_1U