18th Sunday of the Year
Taking the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven,
he said the blessing, broke the loaves,
and gave them to the disciples,
who in turn gave them to the crowds.
They all ate and were satisfied,

2nd August 2020
First ReadingIsaiah 55:1–3
PsalmPsalm 145: 8-9. 15-16, 17-18
Second ReadingRomans 8:35, 37–39
GospelMatthew 14:13–21

 Due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) Masses and Church Services are discontinued until further notice as agreed by the Bishops of England and Wales but please see the News below for information about coming out of lockdown

Here is the latest news from Fr Charles about Church and our Community

What’s Happening?

The Eucharist Returned, 2nd August 2020

For some really god news, please see the item under Latest News below


BISHOP Peter met with parishioners and Fr Charles last Wednesday to finalise preparations to open the church for prayer midweek This has been about making the church a safe place for everybody. Initially we’ve limited visiting to anything up to 30 people.

You’ll need to….

  • Wash hands as you enter.
  • Try to touch only the place you sit in.
  • Use the one-way system ie in at the main doors and out via the Fynnongroew Rd exit
  • Not use the toilets. (sorry !!)
  • If it’s cold bring a jumper (We need to open windows)

Yes, admittedly it may be easier to pray at home !! But lots find the church space helpful. And also, this helps us develop practices for the future to allow us to gather together safely. It will help towards the next step, meeting on Sundays. So many of you tell me you cant wait !!!


07503 905414

Please check out this week’s Parish Bulletin for the latest news about church activities during the current lockdown .

Click here for a link to the Sunday bulletin


We have found some Live Streamed services including masses. This means that clicking on the link below at the right time will connect you to a website showing a live stream of a mass in progress. Please note that to follow a complete service will use a great deal of data (like streaming live TV) so should only be used on a wifi connection, not using a phone data connection.
Also please note we have no control over content from independent websites

The website churchservices.tv provides a list of services online, even a what’s on, showing where Mass is on at any given moment. The beautiful liturgy of the Irish Monks of Glenstal for example, also includes prayers you can
recite alongside the monks

Bishop Peter ‘s masses, and also a Pentecost novena (9.00am on facebook, are live-streamed from the diocesan website and youtube…(and also his Good Shepherd Sunday message )https://www.rcdwxm.org.uk/

Former parish priest of Rhyl, Monsignor Malachy Keegan, celebrates live-streamed mass daily at his parish in Sandersted, near Croydon…

Please check in to Fr Peter Morgan’s Liverpool parish…
Visit St Joseph’s Colwyn Bay where Fr Frank Ryan OMI and outreach Sri Lankan priest, Fr Vimal OMI, celebrate Mass daily

Also…. www.facebook.com/stjosephsrcc
Monday – Friday: 11 am. Available at 12 noon on our Website
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bcYWIA0fCSdaM_BCC8vbA
(just search: saintjosephsrcc)
Adoration – Live Streamed on Facebook:Saturdays at 11am Rosary: 6pm – Live Streamed on Facebook:
And Sunday Mass live streamed at 11am

Prayer Resources for Home

Mass Timetable

Click here to join live streams (subject to timetable)

Finally for the moment, here is a message about facing up to the Virus pandemic from the Tamera Community.

Any news will be disseminated via this website so please bookmark it for future reference.


All bookings or enquiries for church centre or parish house, please see Martin Hargraves,

coordinator at e-mail 4tcbookings@gmail.com or tel 07881  491751 (details also on the Contacts page)

The very latest news items are listed here. They appear in date occurence order.  For all news items, visit our NEWS PAGE. To add an item to the News page, please send us a message containing all the relevant details. Please also contact us as soon as possible if any of the details are incorrect, or feel free to leave a comment below the item.


The Gospels - New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Gift Edition is currently half price at £6.50 in the Bible Society Summer Sale, an elegant gift for anyone attending formal services such as confirmations or weddings etc For more information, please search for: NRSV...

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Racism is newly on TCC’s agenda and thus our parish’s agenda. Thanks to those who wrote in with excellent resources on racism, especially teacher Mairead, who says start with a powerful Youtube documentary video at. https://youtu.be/krfcq5pF8u8 Further list of black...

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Last Tuesday four parishioners attended a Zoom AGM with 35 people present representing groups across north East Wales and Rhyl. We celebrated numerous achievement of TCC through the year, the big growth in youth membership, the request from First Minister Mark...

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If there is anyone who would wish to receive weekly the link and passcode for Mass zoomed in Welsh on Sundays at 11 am, celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Edwin Regan, please contact Ron Keating, co-ordinator of y Cylch Catholig, at rmkeating@hotmail.com

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The Opening of Churches in Wales

The team has worked hard to prepare St Mary's for opening up. Bishop Peter, given the serious responsibilities we face on people gathering, will come and check that our preparations are on track. If they are, he will issue a certificate and then our church can be...

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Prison volunteers

Sharon Dean is the family support worker at HMP Berwyn where she supports prisoners and threir families, alongside the Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact), a national charity that provides support to prisoners, people with convictions, and their families. They support...

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The Post Pandemic Church…

Paralysed or energised, recovered or re-imagined? A mini conference via Zoom is to be held on Saturday 18th July 2020 between 10:30am and 3:30pm. there will be two sessions, 10:30am to 12:00 noon and 2:00pm to 3:30pm Preparing for a new world order, how do we as...

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Black Out Tuesday

Since Black Out Sunday TCC leaders have met and have committed to learning more about racism.and how we can be more anti-racist in our actions. We will take time to compile and share helpful learning resources about racism, especially racism in Wales.If you have...

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