From Colette, Diocesan CAFOD coordinator. I would like to invite you to please join CAFOD’s summer campaign, ‘Our Common Home’.

This is in response to Pope Francis’ call to us in Laudato Si. Last year, 8 parishes across Wrexham Diocese participated in our Share the Journey campaign. It would be phenomenal if more parishes would take part in this year’s campaign.

We are asking if you would please hold a ‘Creation Mass’… a normal mass which CAFOD will suggest some intercessions and hymns for, as well as offertory suggestions in keeping with the theme.

After the mass, parishioners come together to  share food and talk about Climate Change. We can provide things to discuss, or a quiz to make it more fun! Parishioners complete the campaign action by signing our petition, which is asking the Prime Minister to commit to a net zero emissions target by 2045!

I will be arranging for your CAFOD volunteer to receive an organiser’s guide and would be grateful if you could help in ensuring the mass takes place.

If you don’t have a CAFOD volunteer, it’s a perfect opportunity to engage your parish with our work.