We are having to do a lot of waiting, alas. Our submission to sell the existing presbytery and build a new one on site was sent to the Diocesan Trustees last March. The diocesan architects then came to visit and reviewed our proposals on 20th April. Three months later we received the architects’ report, which simply regurgitated what we had relayed to the architect on his visit. Now we await more diocesan meetings and have no idea how long this will take.

The church lighting is now urgent. However, delay has attended the lighting work too, as we have had to acquire three tenders from businesses prepared to do the work. These have not all been found satisfactory and we are currently seeking two new tenders.

The ladies and gents church toilets plumbing work has been completed satisfactorily.Thanks to the men of the Knights of St Columba who, with help from any volunteers available ?? have volunteered to install new cubicles and paint the walls.