From Colette Byrne. Our Faith in Action Day is taking place at the Loreto Centre, Abbey Road, Llandudno, LL30 2EL, and I will definitely be there! Could I please ask you to sign up to it to join us? It is a FREE day from 10am – 4pm with a soup lunch. It’s a great opportunity to hear more about putting your faith in to action. I know it is still a month away, however, we need people to sign up asap please so we can prepare for how many people to expect. The theme is “Love is Civic and Political: Our Faith and the Common Good.” You can register via the Eventbrite link below or you can call 0303 303 3030! -and-political-our-faith-and-the-commongood- tickets-64422639850 Can anyone represent Rhyl parish at this please ? Lift available form Fr Charles.