Remember we challenged MP James Davies on the issue of School Hunger ? Pressure resulted when last February Welsh Government rolled out better school breakfast provision and a holiday food scheme for the coming summer, to all Welsh councils. After the pilot scheme, reports claimed that nearly half of the children surveyed said they felt less hungry after attending a Holiday Hunger session. Many also said they tried new foods, and nearly one in four children said they ate more fruit and vegetables. Alongside providing food the evaluation found that children drunk more water, exercised more and nearly three quarters said they tried a new activity.

Last Thursday TCC leaders, Kelly and Hugo , organised a ZOOM meeting in the parish house, to continue building this relationship and parish team members and others had an excellent meeting with Dr Davies on asylum seekers, climate change and low pay (poverty). Dr Davies agreed to work with us on these issues (he has interest in environment issues) and asked us to write him asking for government attention to reunite the refugee children with family living in the UK (The famous DUBS amendment). And to ask that asylum seekers from key working professions (like Health and Social Care) be allowed to help in the pandemic and have skills updated to work in the UK. (an issue for some parishioners here) . He is also helping the Kings Food Store, the Foryd Centre and the Good News Mission efforts to provide food for hungry people.

Our meeting was chaired with great dignity and confidence by a fifteen year-old parishioner, an emerging talent. Well done (cant say your name unfortunately !!)