If you can support with prayer or money this marvellous work, please do. The smallest church in Rhyl has created a great cooperative venture. By coming together, over 100 people a week are supported with food for often hungry families and singles. (Who can bear the thought of hungry children ?) Thanks to Rob Walsh, St Mary’s parish facilitator, who is working hard fundraising for the project.and volunteers from the parish. Food orders close tomorrow (Monday) at 12. Don’t miss out- £1.50 subscription for £5 worth of food, £2.50 subscription for £10 worth of food and £3.50 subscription for £15. Please use the following link to place an order or email chas37free@gmail.com

https:// form.jotform.com/201336437145349? fbclid=IwAR1cqaMIph_J2WZtr8dtms- FA7nifI7kmk8lknxnFd5K91hw8UerKR9vUA