Head Teacher Amanda Preston has written to express deep gratitude to many people, pupils, staff, governors, parents and LEA staff, who have worked so positively over this last year to produce many good results, social, academic, sporting etc.

Amanda was appointed during a critical time. Blessed Edward Jones and Ysgol Mair Schools were closing down. Everybody was moving into an entirely new building and there was a need to keep pupils educated and happy at the same time as building works went on, huge transfers of materials were taking place and a new set of governors were being established. Then Covid hit the school and a whole range of phone calls between parents and pupils and staff was set up (which seems to have accelerated the good relationships, notably with parents— a crucial element.

Head Teacher Amanda, always calm and cheerful and clear in leadership, has been the midwife to our new school, and all this in her first Headship. As I visited throughout the year I witnessed at first hand the wonderful atmosphere of caring, friendliness and joy you hope for and expect in a Catholic School. Congratulations are in order . Because if all this is the case during such challenging circumstances, the future looks very good.