(Fr Charles)

Maybe, but the advice is to be gradual, don’t try it all at once !! It’s ingrained in us. This is about breaking old habits and making greener ones. They say not to throw plastics out in a big purge. The real move is to commit to not buying any more plastic products.

Plastic-free living is a global movement gathering momentum all round the world. Groups are everywhere. Know any around here ? Anybody know plastic-free alternative shops ?

Ysgol Mair challenged us. Remember the shark hanging in church ? Can we follow their lead ?

The Top Ten worst single-use plastic offenders
1 Crisp packets
2 Wet wipes
3 Sandwich packaging
4 Sauce sachets
5 Ready meal trays
6 Pet food pouches
7 Cotton buds
8 Plant pots
9 Plastic drinkjing straws
10 Foilised” (metallic) wrapping paper