Thank you to all who came on Zoom to discuss Facebook and provided such a rich knowledgeable discussion.

“The biggest debating point was whether a Facebok page with a strong public facing on-line presence or group should be developed initially. Everyone agrees both are needed. The consultation meeting discussion perhaps became a little polarized between whether there should be an open page or a closed group site.
These are Facebook technical terms. To a degree, what’s important are principles of openness, inclusivity, accessibility, a church for everyone. Existing parishioners, potential new parishioners, friends and associates need to be able to click on a link that takes them directly to a Facebook site where they can see images, and read about, St Mary’s. This might be doable by having an open group. Further conversations, research and reflection are needed, but balanced with the need to push forward and make a Facebook site happen building on work to date.”