Update from Mrs Amanda Preston, Head Teacher of Christ the Word Catholic 3-16 School.

The term has been challenging but rewarding and the children have been fantastic. Every year group have been raising money/food for their chosen charity. We had KS2 that raised over £1400 for the children’s ward in Glan Clwyd by our elf dash. We have had huge amounts of food for our local foods banks. We raised over £300 for the British heart foundation. The children and staff have really embraced our charity focus this term.

We have been so lucky with support for some of our more vulnerable children; we have had pamper packages distributed, sacks of toys and parcels donated by Doll Beauty. In the 30 parcels we received they had asked for shoes sizes and provided the children with trainers, jackets, perfumes, after shave etc.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. We have recently held a finance committee meeting and will be holding our other committee meetings in January. Things have been changing on a daily basis and the staff have been brilliant. We are very lucky to have such a good team

Have a lovely Christmas

Comment from Fr Charles: Christ the Word has faced huge challenges, especially the constant changes of situation and sudden departures for isolation—very challenging for the children and staff. Yet, visiting you find morale very high. Pray for the Schools please.