The Wrexham diocese God Who Speaks team would like to let you know about, and warmly invite you to ‘Listening into a conversation on the God Who Speaks today

-on ZOOM, Tuesday, 2nd February at 7 – 8pm

The session will be a dialogue between Katja Jewell and Sr Vianney Connolly, sharing the impact St Joseph has on their lives. Katja Jewell, from near Lake Constance in S. Germany, has lived and worked in South and North Wales for many years. Areas of interest include teaching, child psychology and development, parish work, craft and handiwork. She is very well known in the diocese having been CAFOD manager for 9 years, working from the Peace and Justice Centre in Wrexham. She is a woman of deep practical faith, who lives joyfully for her family, for the wider family of Refugees and those in need.

Sr Vianney Connolly, an Ursuline sister, spent many years in North Wales inspiring many, with her gentle yet incredibly persuasive approach, to devote themselves to peace and justice. In addition to her work for the parish and local community, she found time to establish and run the NW CAFOD office, for 30 years. A passionate supporter of Saint Joseph, and a careful listener herself, she inspires, encourages and supports people of all ages and walks of life to live out the gospel. She is loving, prayerful and valued beyond words by all that know her.

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