The Good News mission have continued to do their Food Share project. This involves a small contribution to costs by participants. This varies from £1.50, to £3 or £5 per person / family. They are then provided with a food bag to a value of either £5, £10, or £15. This provides a small income to go towards project costs. About 80 to 90 regularly buy into this.

We supported their second project from June to October 2020 (when funding stopped.) New funding has just arrived to allow the Good News Mission’s (amazing) mother and daughter team and volunteers to continue feeding 45 vulnerable families. We are very grateful to the funders (who wish to stay low key) . Please pray for their great work. They only give via established charities and so, with Bishop Peter’s approval, at Mary’s receives the funding, channels this money to the GNM and also provide the odd volunteer. All 45 families are visited and supported apart from food. Many families are hit economically from all angles. Reasons for poverty vary greatly, we’ve found. It has many different faces. We estimate there may between the two projects be as many as 600 to 700 children being helped. All this can happen because we gather for the Eucharist. Then the Lord can use us for good initiatives, like feeding the 5000 and opening up channels of healing.

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