(From project leaders Natasha and Catherine)

Just an update on the food hamper project. We delivered our 14th week hamper today and all our families were really pleased and appreciated the delivery. An update on the gentleman who lost his wife to Covid and left 8 little children is now coping fairly well with the support of his family back in Manchester. He still keeps in touch and lets me know how they are all doing and still give thanks for the food hampers he received from us. One of our families, an elderly couple, have finally been given their own bedsit which has stopped them having to ‘sofa surf’ night by night. Good News managed to give them some furniture to help them out and they are so happy with their accommodation, probably somewhere we might not fee comfortable living, but to them it’s home. That young lad who’s wife got knocked down and killed and left a new born baby boy if you remember? He’s also doing well and coping much better and able to take responsibility for his son’s wellbeing and again is so thankful for the hampers which took some of the stress off his shoulders. Could I just point out when I say ‘we’ this includes St Mary’s and Good News and to the person who is reading this on the notice board right now. Thank you for your continued prayer that has definitely contributed to this missions success. God Bless you all xxxx

(St Mary’s role here is mainly to channel the funding through to this great project (because the funders only fund through a charity), to act as partners and provide volunteers here and there.) We congratulate the team leadership for their great work.)