1st Holy Communion Preparation

First communion practice: Sunday 24‘“ April 11.15 a.m.“ Communion celebration: Sat. 7″“ May – 11 a.m. Mass.

CAFOD Family Fast Day

CAFOD Family Fast Day is on Friday 11 March. Join in Family Fast Day with your friends and family so that more children can grow up big and strong. By eating simply and giving what you save, you’ll be making a place at your table for children like Lombeh this...

New Build Appeal

We are now  launching our building appeal  ‘Help to Build  St Mary’s Future’: Presbytery and Meeting Hall extension. It will house fantastic  communal facilities to all in our parish and throughout Rhyl.

Mass Count

We shall take a Mass count next weekend:  12th – 13th  March. This is part of trying to calculate the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on practice and attendance.

Lenten Stations of the Cross

Lenten Stations of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross will be held each Friday evening at 6.30 pm. You are invited to participate